Cassandra’s Quandary

The parasite class ascends triumphant,
unimpeded in the swirling murkiness
created by our endless circuses.
Their reckless hands
have seized the very gods!
Storms on the horizon
flash lethal warning
as my fellows mutter
in drugged sleep.

Yet every morning brings a sunrise
of undiminished beauty.
Yet my children walk
unharmed to school. Is it my duty
to scream from the high point?

I fear to look again towards tomorrow.
I feel a rumbling, below sound,
as an unnatural beast approaches—and I know
it is the one that feeds on life–
devours life!—
without being, itself, alive.
Its stomach has no bottom.

Sunshine warm as ever lights
this normal butterfly in normal flight.
Shall I wave the blood-red banner–
or am I just being paranoid?

Updated: November 1, 2018 — 4:51 pm

The Author

Mary Wildfire

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