Mid-Life Crisis

I’ll be forty soon…I believe it’s
time for a mid-life crisis.
It needn’t coincide
with menopause—men
have them at forty, I demand
equal rights.

I shall invert my entire life.
No longer will I wait
for the winds of change to find me
in this hidden holler where I stand
looking up at planes filled with those
whose lives are filled with importance,
whose laps are topped with computers,
who surely gaze down now
at an insignificant bug
in a green corduroy carpet.

No longer will I stagnate
in shallow eddies while great tides
pass me by.

I shall grab a wild bull
by the horns, leap upon his back
and charge away…
but no. I can’t control a bull
and I am in control here. No bull;
just my car, or better yet a plane, and…
but where am I going,

Updated: November 1, 2018 — 4:44 pm

The Author

Mary Wildfire

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