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WordPress Don Alejandro December 24, 2016
Mobile Response Testing Tool
This tool allows you to check the 'responsive' behavior of your website by displaying the site inside frames of differing sizes on a single page, creating a side-by side comparison of approximately how the site will look on various devices. More
Issues: Tool
WordPress Don Alejandro May 19, 2016
Center Aligning Tweets Embedded With WordPress Auto-Embed (Also Works Universally on Any Site)
A simple addition to your css file will automatically center tweets on any website, whether using twitter's embed code or WordPress's quick embed via url. More
Issues: CSSTwitterWordPress
WordPress Don Alejandro December 31, 2014
Converting a WordPress database to run under a different domain name
A program to convert a Wordpress database to run under a different domain name. Meant primarily to facilitate copying the database from a live server and altering all instances of the 'domain name' within the database so it will run on a local testing server, such as converting to ohvec.loc. More
Issues: WordPress
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