Hickory Ridge Housing Project

Photos chronicling the house and gardens Don and Mary have been working on.  Plus cats, chickens, and, of course, Mocha Java, the dog.

HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro July 26, 2022
Maple sap, puppy, gardens
Issues: DogsGarden
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro February 19, 2021
Ice storm, early tennis, garlic & onions, drums
Issues: Snow and ice
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro July 26, 2020
Garden, flowers, onions/garlic, chicken massacres, amateur radio projects
Issues: Amateur RadioChickensGarden
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Miscellaneous Galleries
Esoteric MediaGallery Don Alejandro January 20, 2019
OSU Van de Graaff Lab, Circa 1975
A few pictures of the OSU Van de Graaff particle accelerator, which was capable of a whopping 7MeV on a good day. Fiddling low energy even by 1970 standards, though the polarized beam source being tested in the third image provided a lot of good data over the years.
Gallery Don Alejandro February 4, 2016
Serigraphs by Sako
Serigraphy is a printing process that forces ink through a fine mesh screen or stencil to produce gallery-quality art. Multiple layers of ink are manually pressed or “squeegeed” through the stencil creating an image on a screen of silk or another fine fabric with an impermeable substance. The more colors involved, the more complicated the process. The result is a brilliantly hued work of art that retains its beauty for a lifetime. (Think “Andy Warhol”)
Tags: Artwork
GalleryGoing Solar Mary Wildfire October 13, 2015
Marcellus Tour 2015 – Sunday, October 11
Thirteen people gathered on Sunday, October 11th for a tour of Marcellus drilling sites in Wetzel County.
Tags: Climate ChaosExtreme energyFracking
Updated: January 14, 2017 — 2:14 pm
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