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Don is a renegade physicist who manages websites for several WV groups from an undisclosed location in the woods near Spencer, WV...

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HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro February 18, 2018
2018 maple syrup boiling More
Issues: Housing
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro January 14, 2017
New batteries, maple syrup production, new stove More
Issues: Renewable energysolar
WordPress Don Alejandro December 24, 2016
Mobile Response Testing Tool
This tool allows you to check the 'responsive' behavior of your website by displaying the site inside frames of differing sizes on a single page, creating a side-by side comparison of approximately how the site will look on various devices. More
Issues: Tool
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro September 7, 2016
Starwood 2016 Mind’s Eye Screenshot (Saturday night)
Exquisite full moon bonfire while Hulk drums in Paw Paw... More
Issues: BullDrumsO-cult
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro July 1, 2016
Resh Cheat Sheet
Resh cheat sheet for the adoration of the sun, courtesy of Leja VouX, Queen of Taint, Absurditrix. More
Issues: BullO-cultSun Adoration
WordPress Don Alejandro May 19, 2016
Center Aligning Tweets Embedded With WordPress Auto-Embed (Also Works Universally on Any Site)
A simple addition to your css file will automatically center tweets on any website, whether using twitter's embed code or WordPress's quick embed via url. More
Issues: CSSTwitterWordPress
Gallery Don Alejandro February 4, 2016
Serigraphs by Sako
Serigraphy is a printing process that forces ink through a fine mesh screen or stencil to produce gallery-quality art. Multiple layers of ink are manually pressed or “squeegeed” through the stencil creating an image on a screen of silk or another fine fabric with an impermeable substance. The more colors involved, the more complicated the process. The result is a brilliantly hued work of art that retains its beauty for a lifetime. (Think “Andy Warhol”) More
Issues: Artwork
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro January 25, 2016
Jonas (blizzard of 2016) More
Issues: Housing
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro January 19, 2016
Tales of the Bunless Cut-Wienered Kraut-Eater: Answering the door.
(Lexicon below transcript) John: “Hi! I’m John, and this is Mary.” Mary: “Hi! We’re here to invite you to come kiss Hank’s ass with us.” BCWKE: “Pardon me?! What are you talking about? Who’s Hank, and why would I want to kiss His ass?” More
Issues: BullO-cult
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro October 14, 2015
New-esque car, winter again, flower, pond piano action, pressing cider More
Issues: Housing
GalleryGoing Solar Don Alejandro October 5, 2015
Solar Open House at Hickory Ridge
A few pictures of the Oct. 3, 2015 solar open house at Hickory Ridge. Includes Mary's presentation (First steps to solar) and Robin's presentation (Why go with solar power and how to make it happen for you) More
Issues: Renewable energysolar
WV Capital Extreme Energy Makeover
Going Solar Don Alejandro March 3, 2015
West Virginia gets an extreme energy makeover
Apparently the makeover to the West Virginia State Capital has proceeded much further than merely wasting a lot of money on gold leaf for the capitol dome. WV's legislature now appears to be captured by out of state corporate/billionaire interests. More
Issues: Extreme energy
WordPress Don Alejandro December 31, 2014
Converting a WordPress database to run under a different domain name
A program to convert a Wordpress database to run under a different domain name. Meant primarily to facilitate copying the database from a live server and altering all instances of the 'domain name' within the database so it will run on a local testing server, such as converting to ohvec.loc. More
Issues: WordPress
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro December 31, 2014
Garden and flowers, sorghum, workstation More
Issues: Housing
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro December 31, 2013
Chair, maple syrup, rally, garden, cider and misc dog More
Issues: Housing
GalleryGoing Solar Don Alejandro March 10, 2013
Additional photos of low cost adjustable solar panel rack
If you’ve built a version of this rack design I’d love to add a picture or two to this gallery.  To be included send a few pictures and info for a caption (description, location, profound revelation, whatever) to don_alejandro at spectrumz dot com. More
Issues: Panel mounting
GalleryGoing Solar Don Alejandro February 5, 2013
Low cost adjustable solar panel rack
Mary and I live off grid, so we wanted to mount our panels near ground level, where we could easily keep the snow off (i.e., not on a two story tin roof) and adjust the panel angle seasonally, because every watt is sacred in a non-grid-tie system, especially December through February in WV. Also, the panels would be more efficient in warm weather (due to being cooler than if mounted on a hot tin roof). We didn't want to spend a lot of money on a pole-mount rack, so I came up with a simple design that we built from treated lumber, common hardware and hinges. More
Issues: Panel mounting
Going Solar Don Alejandro February 3, 2013 repurposed as Going Solar Blog
The Going Solar blog will feature information and ideas for solving common problems with small solar power installations, and provide space for others to share their experiences and innovations through comments or guest posts (contact Don).OBJN News, Esoteric Media, etc. will still be available at the same urls, and, of course, my partner or I may be inclined to post a rant or irrelevant digression every now and then, as the need arises. More
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro December 31, 2012
Greenhouse in use, garden shed, misc, with dog More
Issues: Housing
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro December 31, 2011
Mid October 2010 through December 2011 More
Issues: Housing
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