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Poetry Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
On the Brink
Another pantoum… More
Poetry Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Man is the Angel with the Flaming Sword
This is a pantoum. a special form involving weaving repeated lines…note that the last stanza interweaves with the first. More
Poetry Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
January Silence
Yesterday I saw dead grasses draping into the creek forming ice-disks, crystalline lilypads in rows, like some ethereal high-pitched musical instrument. More
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Why I’m Going to Help Occupy Freedom Plaza
The prospect of sleeping on paved ground in October in a big, scary city is hardly appealing to me, a 55-year old woman who prefers lots of padding and my quiet ridgetop home. So why am I planning to participate in the October2011 takeover of Freedom Plaza in Washington DC, starting October 6? More
Issues: Climate ChaosRenewable energy
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Communities, Political Empowerment, and Collective Self-Sufficiency
As an activist concerned about climate change and environmental degradation, and peace and social justice, I’ve gone to countless demonstrations, spoken at many public hearings, had over a dozen op-eds and scores of letters to the editor published, and written hundreds of letters to “my” representatives. None of it, as far as I can see, has done any good. More
Issues: Community
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Customer as Criminal
This was a letter to the editor of the Roane County Reporter , written in disgust several years ago. No, I haven’t been back to Fruth’s since. More
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Professors at MIT do not know W.Va.
Written in snarky response to a Daily Mail editorial about an MIT professor’s talk on how we in West Virginia should embrace our fossil fuel destiny. More
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
True Cost of Coal
Residents pay for more than what’s on their electric bills. We who complain about the ravages of the mining industry have long been told that we must tolerate the environmental damage because of jobs. More
Issues: Extreme energy
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Flow-Through Rates
What does it mean that Spain and Italy have low rates of female employment? Does it mean that Spanish and Italian women are oppressed? Or that these cultures value traditional families? More
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Facing Energy Addiction
This piece was written in response to a request from Duane Nichols; it ran in his Frack Check WV and then in the Hur Herald. More
Issues: Extreme energyRenewable energy
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
How to Get Through the Worst Day of Your Life
This has not been published. It’s hard to get editors interested in this “unpleasant subject”–but the information here is so important! More
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Montana de Oro
A memory of a favorite place, used for awhile by a friend as a meditation… More
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Another World is Possible
The world is in terrible shape. But it doesn’t have to be like this! We could have a world of peace and prosperity, a world marked by cooperation instead of conflict; a world where cultural differences are seen as richness, instead of a reason to fight. The world will spend over a trillion dollars this […] More
Issues: MediaRenewable energy
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Parasites Are Bad for Your Health
While my dog was being spayed at the animal clinic, the vet also took a look at the swelling under her foreleg and removed a warble, which is the larval form of a fly. They put the fat, black thing in a little jar so we could admire it. Ugh! More
Issues: Health
Essays Mary Wildfire November 1, 2018
Fast Track Fight
This op-ed ran in the Charleston Gazette; it’s dated now, and refers to a fight we won, against the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas). But it all applies to the latest fight, now against the TPP. More
Issues: TPP
Going Solar Mary Wildfire September 10, 2018
Review of Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America by Eliza Griswold
After reading two reviews of this recently published book, I was interested enough to ask my local library, the Roane County Library, to purchase it. They did. Now I’ve read it and am writing another review, for you. More
Issues: FrackingPollution
Going Solar Mary Wildfire July 26, 2018
West Virginians Do Not Want China’s Appalachian Gas Investments: #NoASH #PetroFreeWV
Not everyone here in West Virginia thinks building Cancer Alley #2 along the entire Ohio River border of our state would be wonderful. Far from it! More
Issues: FrackingPipelinesPollution
Going Solar Mary Wildfire August 31, 2017
FERC is a Sugar Daddy
FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is the kind of regulatory agency any industry would love. More
Issues: FERCPipelines
Going Solar Mary Wildfire August 29, 2017
Tunnel Vision at FERC
As a way to study environmental impacts, looking at the world through a tiny close-up lens is not a good approach. More
Issues: FERCPipelines
Going Solar Mary Wildfire March 31, 2017
Natural gas at all costs is WV’s moral imperative?
According to Senate President Mitch Carmichael, “We have a moral imperative to provide low-cost energy, not only to West Virginia, but to the world.” So it’s not only a matter of revenues and jobs behind the current push to exploit natural gas in the Marcellus and other shales, it’s also a “moral imperative.” More
Issues: Climate ChaosExtreme energyRenewable energy
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