Broadband Noise on 1932 and 3865

The noise is always there, sometimes pulsing at a one second interval, sometimes not pulsing (and less intense). Pan-adapter screen shots below show the noise pulsing on the 160 and 75 meter bands. 

When pulsing, the approximate center frequency of the noise slides down and and up the band (i.e., 3860 to 3865). Also, the noise intensity varies – between 30 and 40 db over S9 at 1932, and between 20 and 30 db over S9 at 3860. When not pulsing it’s steady at 30 and 20 db over 9 respectively (Yaesu FT-990 used for S-meter readings).

At 1893 and 3831 the noise varies between S9 and 5 over S9 when pulsing.

Here’s what it sounds like at either 1932 or 1865:

Spectrum and waterfall showing braodband noise at 1932 (click image to view at full size) 

Spectrum and waterfall of broadband noise at 3865 (click image to view at full size)


Jul 26 2020  HRHP Gallery

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