Dustin  190ZWF2 3 to 7 ‘urgent’ driver updates including BIOS, depending on what’s already installed).  If not already win10, it can be updated to win10.  Same as Alex.

Tonya (Natalie)  B1F7K22  BIOS and Bluetooth listed as ‘urgent.’  Already updated to Win10.  Same as Maryanne.

Maryanne DW17K22  BIOS and Bluetooth listed as ‘urgent’.  Win8.1, but can be update to Win10. Same as Tonya. 

Robin FY59C82  2 to 4 ‘urgent’ driver updates including BIOS, depending on what’s already installed).  Already updated to Win10.

Alex (Keena) JG0ZWF2    3 to 7 ‘urgent’ driver updates including BIOS, depending on what’s already installed).  If not already win10, it can be updated to win10. Same as Dustin.

Viv JXG0YZ1  BIOS and Bluetooth listed as urgent.  Win 8.1, but can be updated to win10.

John 9QXRQT1

Win 10-1903 Update Notes

Prior to running this update, any pending updates should be installed (if shutdown option shows pending updates), and the BIOS updated if necessary.  Backup critical files as desired (note that even in the event of a catastrophic update failure I would most likely be able to recover all data from the hd).  FWIW, I’ve never encountered a catastrophic update failure, though I have heard anecdotal stories of them occurring – most likely from lack of patience.

Typical Win10-1903 update timeline using a USB stick.  If updating from windows update, the laptop will spend a couple hours or more downloading before commencing the update.

10:19am  Start update by looking at USB drive with Windows Explorer. Right click on setup.exe and choose “Run as administrator”. Setup program checks for updates and “Making sure your computer is ready”.

10:32  Ready to install.  Be sure the “Install Win10 Pro” and ‘Keep personal files and Apps’ are checked before clicking Install

12:35pm  First restart – system spends a few minutes in startup screen, then shows “Working on updates 0%. Don’t turn off your pc. This will take a while.”

12:50  Second restart. Back to “Working on updates etc.”

1:15  Reaches 100%, then display a message in large text: “We’ve got some updates for your computer.  This might take a while” while the screen background fades in and out hypnotically. It goes on “These updates help protect your computer in and online world.  Leave everything to us.”

1:17  Finally starts up, also opening M$ Internet explorer.  Close IE.  Do not get seduced into creating a account (find the ‘Dismiss’ or equivalent option).

1:19  Ready to use. 

Post Update

Feel free to call me with questions during any step of the update or cleanup process (such as where to find a utility or setting, or what to do with it). 

Check/set privacy and Cortana settings. The 1903 update restores the non-Cortana based search function, which can be turned on as a taskbar option (right click on taskbar).  

Check Windows Antivirus settings (there is a new Ransomware setting after the 1903 update).

Use Dell update to install device driver updates if you didn’t do so before the update, or if you are updating from Win8 or Win7 (could take 10 minutes to an hour after started).

Run the normal disk cleanup utility (10-60 minutes after started).  There is also an disk cleanup option for system files which can free up 25GB or more by deleting the old windows system – it can also take a while to run especially if you delete the ‘windows upgrade log files’. I think I read that Windows 10 will automatically delete the old operating system after a suitable period of time, so it’s not necessary to do the system file cleanup unless you are running low on disk space.

Defrag (20-120 minutes after started).



Updated: November 3, 2019 — 9:45 am