The Book of O

Taoist philosophy with extra reminders to chop wood and carry water, by Saint Dennis.  Chapters correspond with chapters from the Tao Te Ching.

Apr 29 2020  Esoteric Media
Recycled Bull
Sep 7 2016  Esoteric Media
Starwood 2016 Mind’s Eye Screenshot (Saturday night)
Jul 1 2016  Esoteric Media
Resh Cheat Sheet
Jan 19 2016  Esoteric Media
Tales of the Bunless Cut-Wienered Kraut-Eater: Answering the door.

The Author

Don Alejandro

Don is a renegade physicist who manages websites for several WV groups from an undisclosed location in the woods near Spencer, WV...


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  1. Thanks for posting Don! Bullllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!

  2. Brings me great comfort to run across the Book of O, always like seeing an old friend and being reminded to forget.
    Jason G

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