Additional photos of low cost adjustable solar panel rack

If you’ve built a version of this rack design I’d love to add a picture or two to this gallery.  To be included send a few pictures and info for a caption (description, location, profound revelation, whatever) to don_alejandro at spectrumz dot com.

Feb 5 2013  Gallery Going Solar
Low cost adjustable solar panel rack

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  1. Hi Don,
    I’m in the process of building a treated lumber ground mount rack like your design. I’m using 6×6 posts. What was your process for setting the treated posts in the ground? Did you use concrete or gravel or both? I’ve heard of people pouring the dry redi-mix in the hole and then adding water. Have you heard of this being done? Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

    1. Any of those methods should work okay. I used ready-mix concrete, which I mixed with water before filling post holes, though I have heard of people setting poles by pouring in the dry mix (satellite TV and internet installers usually do that).

      A friend of mine used finely crushed gravel to set his poles (called ‘crusher run’ at our local rock yard). He made his post holes a little deeper (3 feet) and a larger diameter than necessary for concrete (8-10 inches clearance on all sides of the post). One advantage of this method is that you can put the post in place and gradually add and tamp crushed gravel (while a helper holds the post) so that you can make minor adjustments to the post position to be sure it’s vertical and in alignment with the other poles (the poles should be aligned in a a plane). With concrete you have to align the poles and attach temporary braces to hold them in place while the concrete sets.

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