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CiviCRMWordPress Don Alejandro January 30, 2020
CiviCRM token to list and total donation from the previous calendar year, spouse’s donations included

Here's a zip file of the php code to create a small table showing all donations mad by any contact during the previous calendar year, including donations made by a spouse. If there is no spouse, the spouse names are not included in the token's output.


Issues: WordPress
WordPress Don Alejandro May 6, 2017
Screen Size Utility
This tool detects and reports the screen resolution of your computer or device. More
WordPress Don Alejandro December 24, 2016
Mobile Response Testing Tool
This tool allows you to check the 'responsive' behavior of your website by displaying the site inside frames of differing sizes on a single page, creating a side-by side comparison of approximately how the site will look on various devices. More
Issues: Tool
WordPress Don Alejandro May 19, 2016
Center Aligning Tweets Embedded With WordPress Auto-Embed (Also Works Universally on Any Site)
A simple addition to your css file will automatically center tweets on any website, whether using twitter's embed code or WordPress's quick embed via url. More
Issues: CSSTwitterWordPress
Updated: September 24, 2018 — 10:52 am