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Don is a renegade physicist who manages websites for several WV groups from an undisclosed location in the woods near Spencer, WV...

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HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro December 31, 2009
May through early November 2009
Hardwood floor, Mocha Java, GardenMore
Issues: Housing
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro July 1, 2009
American Pseudo-Illuminati Drum Abuse Flyer
A reproduction of the late 1980's flyer by the American Pseudo-IlluminatiMore
Issues: DrumsO-cult
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro May 13, 2009
Nov 2008 through May 2009
Porch, chicken house, gardenMore
Issues: Housing
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro November 15, 2008
August through November, 2008
Cupola lowering, energy shield, summer kitchenMore
Issues: Housing
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro August 11, 2008
July and August, 2008
Roof, cupolaMore
Issues: Housing
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro July 20, 2008
June and July, 2008
Hot tub(mark I), wall framing, second floor wallsMore
Issues: Housing
HRHP Gallery Don Alejandro June 15, 2008
May and June, 2008
Still more piers, sills, floorMore
Issues: Housing
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro April 1, 2007
God’s Custodian Apologizes
A rare confession in which the truth about the 40 day flood and the resurrection are revealed.More
Issues: Audio
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro March 19, 2003
the Funky Bardos
A reading of the Tibetanesque Book Of The Dead from The Psychedelic Experience by T. Leary, R. Metzner, and R. Albert. By the Bardo Brothers, ©1993 Herr-Dog Production.More
Issues: AudioBardosBull
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro December 26, 2002
The Book of O
Taoist philosophy with extra reminders to chop wood and carry water, by Saint Dennis. Chapters correspond with chapters from the Tao Te Ching.More
Issues: BullO-cultTao
Esoteric Media Don Alejandro January 1, 2000
General Qualifying Exam
1. HISTORY: Describe the history of language from its origins to the present day, concentrating especially, but not exclusively, on its social, political, economic, religious, and philosophical impact on Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Be brief, concise, and specific.More
Issues: General Knowledge
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